The simpliest and reliable way to deliver data suficient for factoring financing, trusted by many factoring companies.
What is Light-Version?
Light-Version is the all-automated system for extraction confirmed receivables data from any existing e-channels.
Supplier and buyer almost always have got ALREADY multiple electronic communication ways (orders, confirmations, etc), containing reliable delivery data.

Light-Version is the way to deliver needed data to the assigned factoring company. Based just on our data the factoring company will provide financing. No papers, no additional check or verification.
How to Connect?
Sign in on by filling in the simplest from. (2 minutes)
Ask your EDI provider for special additional login
In your personal LV-account choose your EDI provider from the list and following our instructions demand additional login for our robots. We'll be happy to assist!(2 minutes, 1,5 minutes with our support)
Data source setup
In your personal LV-account insert special EDI login into system. (1 minute)
Share data with your factor
Order us to share delivery data with your factoring company. You way cancel this order at any moment(1 minute)
The best way to get instant paperless factoring financing.
6 minutes
6 minutes and your factoring partner is ready to finance your business
1 day
You will receive payments for your deliveries always on the next day morning
0 documents
Financing with no papers
0 mistakes
Robots are not humans. They don't make mistakes
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